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Welcome Valued Pet Parent:

I am Mindy Martinez, the owner of TruCompanion K-9 Spa LLC & Trucompanion Pet Transport, LLC

I am a Colorado native. I have over 32 years of animal experience, 12  of those years running Trucompanion K9 Spa, handling of both large and small animals. Growing up throughout my childhood, I was heavily involved in 4-H showing and grooming dogs and horses. My work-related experience includes: pet caretaking for personal households, obedience training, energy work, chakra balancing, animal communication, socialization, pack management, animal wellness coaching & nutrition consulting. Additionally, I have worked in veterinary clinics and volunteered at shelters, rescues and horse barns. I am USDA & PACFA certified!. I am also a Certified Animal Communicator & Certified Holistic Animal Wellness Coach with an emphasis in animal (Canine) nutrition. I specialize with energy transition, muscle testing, nutrition consulting, behavioral health, crystal therapy, chakra balancing & energy healing. I have an extensive background with animal aggression cases, rescues & alpha breeds. I am also an experienced flight nanny & ground transporter.  I currently have 6 dogs: Shihpoo (Jeffree) Shiranian  (Ronnie),Yorkie (Mary) Boxer (Guapo) & 2 Frenchies (Portly & Rocky) I also have 2 Birds A Greenwing Macaw (Arnold) & Sun Conure (Phil).  We enjoy our daily walks, local animal events and taking part in the annual Furry Scurry sponsored by the Denver Dumb Friends League. My passion and love for dogs & all animals is what brings my services to your front door!

Thank you for trusting us with your best friend by choosing TruCompanion K9 Spa, LLC . We promise to deliver a positive, safe and comfortable experience to you & your furry family member. I look forward to building a long-term relationship serving you and your pack.


Mindy Martinez



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