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Mobile Dog Washing & Nail Service Policies

  • TruCompanion reserves the right to deny services or to change price quoted for those who do not disclose the true condition of their dogs coat or temperament.
  • The trailer is climate controlled. This provides heat for the winter months and A/C for the summer to protect your furry friend from heat stroke or hypothermia.
  • We DO NOT cage dry. We hand dry to prevent grooming anxiety.
  • Each dog will be dried with a fresh sterile towel after bathing to prevent bacteria, disease or cross contamination.
  • We DO NOT use a recirculated water. Our water runs fresh and warm on every pet. This will make sure all dirt and bacteria is removed off your K-9.
  • We disinfect after each appointment to guarantee non-transfer of bacteria.
  • All cancellations are requested 24 hours in advance to avoid a $35.00 cancellation fee.
  • We work year round depending on road condtions. If the roads are too icy, snowy or flooded, we will cancel service and reschedule due to safety concerns.
  • We require a client intake form with your current veterinarian's information to be signed for all new clients.
  • We will always ask before we ever use a muzzel on your furry friend.
  • We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card. A 3% fee is charged to all credit card transactions.
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